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This experience has brought me together with my family again. We are closer now than we have been in a long time.

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When You Arrive

Our Admissions Staff will welcome you and your family member upon arrival and provide you with a tour of our facility. We encourage all paper-work to be submitted before arrival, but if there are any final matters that require our attention, we will be happy to sort that out upon arrival. Arrival day is also an opportunity for families and clients to meet our staff members, and our professional healthcare team. We will also provide a general overview of our daily schedule so that you will have a general idea of when your family member will be free between activities and therapeutic programming to speak with you each day and/or whenever necessary. You will also have an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns with our Admissions Staff and/or Medical Staff on site.

Our first important step upon admission is to arrange for a series of professional evaluations to diagnose the root of your loved one’s struggle in order to establish an individualized custom-made therapeutic healing program and specific treatment modalities that will best suit your loved one’s needs, temperament, background and experience. These assessments are arranged early on so that real healing can begin in a wholesome way as soon as possible to give our clients the maximum experience from the very beginning. We encourage family members to be involved in this process and provide all feedback whenever necessary.

Your Accommodations

Our rustic, but elegant homestead is set in the lush tropical foothills of Agoura Hills. This rural estate which is both private and peaceful is an ideal enclave for rehabilitation and healing. With koi fish ponds, bridges, patios, waterfalls and green nature, you are transported to a magical and luxurious oasis. Indoors, our residential facility is comprised of grand rooms that are warm, flooded with natural light, softened with carpets, plush furnishings and stone fireplaces. Amenities also include a pool/spa and a tennis court.

Healthy Meals

Our executive chef provides customized nourishing meal plans based on client menu preferences, to encourage healthy eating habits, alongside nutrition counseling. All meals are fresh, balanced and gourmet, cooked on site under strict hygienic supervision in our deluxe kitchen with modern appliances.

Caring Staff

Our team at Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center (Hillcrest) is comprised of doctoral level medical healthcare professionals, mental healthcare specialists, mental health therapists, and a range of support and activities’ staff.  We are blessed to exhibit a strong team of quality personnel, where each member brings stellar experience, education, and proactive care to our Hillcrest home and programs. Our team operates with the highest values of dedication, commitment and confidentiality at all times. Clients are therefore comfortable to form quick and easy rapport, as well as healthy communication with all of our staff members in order to foster and accelerate sustained healing and deep-rooted rehabilitation, during and post treatment at our facility.

Nurturing Environment

Hillcrest prides itself on its warm ambiance and nurturing environment to foster and sustain long-term healing and smooth rehabilitation. Our natural tropical hillside setting, with comfortable indoor and outdoor meditative spaces, create a peaceful oasis that is ideal for positively transforming clients’ behavioral patterns and states of mind.

Treatment & Recovery

Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center (Hillcrest) is a licensed, residential mental health facility. We specialize in the treatment of mental health disorders, behavioral disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, complex psychiatric disorders, and many co-occurring issues. We aim to help clients become centered and empowered to address their struggles head on and to find the most wholesome path for long-lasting healing, while enabling them to independently maximize their quality of life.

In line with our treatment philosophy and facility mission, we provide a range of innovative and creative therapeutic, experiential, and clinical evidence-based treatment options in a natural and peaceful environment, to benefit both mind and body health. Simultaneously, clients are provided with an educational school component, as well as healthy recreational activities, including; library, art, music, and a range of outdoor exercise programs.

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