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Teen Learning Disabilities

Teen learning disabilities are disorders where a teen faces severe learning difficulties, such as, trouble with reading, writing, spelling and math. Such teens have difficulty recognizing and understanding letters, words, sentences and numbers compared to teens of the same age with similar environments. Sometimes, teen learning disability is also referred to as neurologically based processing information since the brain of the teen is not well equipped and capable enough to handle this type of information.

Teen learning disabilities will trigger frustration in teens and lead to poor performance in school.

Causes of Teen Learning Disability

The exact cause of the teen learning disability is still unidentified, however probable causes are:

  • Genetics: Parents or close relatives have similar learning disabilities
  • Complications during and after pregnancy: Complications such as lack of oxygen, low birth weight, premature labor, and drug abuse during pregnancy
  • Brain injury and trauma: Certain types of brain injury, head trauma, or severe diseases like a tumor

Symptoms of Teen Learning Disability

Parents and teachers may understand teen learning disabilities. However, it is always recommended to analyze this disability with the help of professionals. The symptoms are serious and must be identified early on in order for a remedial learning system to be implemented and followed with professional guidance so that the teen can progress and not drastically fall behind in his/her learning. The following symptoms may be exhibited:

  • Reading is very tough and not enjoyed
  • Inability to spell easy words
  • Difficulty in recognizing a verbal sound, and understanding a word
  • Inability to recall lists of random numbers, letters in irregular words, math tables and failure to solve math problems
  • Difficulty in recording their thoughts
  • Writing very slowly with ineligible handwriting
  • Inability to follow a teacher’s instructions
  • Lack of confidence when completing homework tasks
  • Inability to stay focused on a task for more than a few minutes
  • Inability to memorize and recall simple things
  • Inability to differentiate between similar  words, or similar letters such as b and d
  • Difficulty telling time and differentiating left and right
  • Inconsistent level of performance and overall functioning from day to day
  • Inability to create a cohesive sequence between their thoughts and verbal expression. As a result they may say one thing but mean another.
  • Difficulty to accept change
  • Difficulty to maintain a level of discipline
  • Disorganized
  • Delayed speech

Types of Teen Learning Disability

Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by reading difficulty. It is one of the most common learning disabilities. The major symptom is delayed speech and difficulty in learning vocabulary. The teen may not be able to identify and differentiate between letters and words, and may fail to pronounce the word accurately, such as an inability to differentiate between the letter ‘b’ and the letter ‘d’.

A teen with dysnomia may face greater struggle in recalling words and names as compared to others.

Teens with dyscalculia experience trouble with mathematical formulae and numeral calculation.  They face challenges with easy calculation.

Dysgraphia is a writing disability. These teens cannot calculate the space and size of words and letters. They may even fail to take dictation.

Teens with Dyspraxia may have trouble waving, clapping, brushing their teeth, as well as difficulty with other gross motor skills and activities.

Treatment for Teen Learning Disability

Treatment for teen learning disabilities is important because if they remain untreated, the teen will develop frustration, leading to low self confidence, depression, poor performance, and other behavioral issues. With proper expert treatment and guidance at an early stage, teens with learning disorders can learn tricks and tips to overcome their situation in spite of their disabilities.

Hillcrest is well equipped with a professional team of stellar staff, in a well designed state of the art, natural setting, to provide individualized therapeutic treatment programs to address all types of teen learning disabilities, and provide the support and guidance for your loved one and his/her ultimate healing.

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