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Outdoor Therapy


Our program endeavors to show teens that living a healthy and well-balanced life can be fun.  To this effect, we go on weekly outings to the beach, movies, parks, special hiking trails, laser tag, museums, miniature golfing and much more. Outing are considered a privilege and can be revoked due to inappropriate client behavior; for example, not following program rules, being disrespectful to staff or other clients, etc.

Equine Therapy

Horses are widely accepted as an excellent therapeutic tool.  Horses have a unique ability, specifically, a heightened sensitivity to the feelings and emotional distress of people.  The special bond that is developed between a horse and a client often leads to amazing healing and personal growth. Equine therapists use the horse in this relational context to guide and support change.  Often, teens can address and break down the barriers of resistance that they feel towards the therapeutic process through their connection to horses.

Surf Therapy

Our surfing program is focused on taking therapy outside the room and into nature.   Our surf instructors are accredited by the National Surf School and Instructors Association, and they specialize in making surfing into a therapeutic and transformative experience.  Surfing helps our clients practice social skills, learn stress management techniques, increase gross motor skills, execute functioning skills, improve muscle tone, and develop heightened awareness – all while having fun and learning a new skill.


The horticulture group is a process that uses plants and plant-related activities to improve the client’s well-being through active or passive involvement.  Gardening, nature, and plant-based activities generate positive emotion towards a meaningful appreciation of life.


Exercise is an important part of our healing and therapeutic programming because there is a strong correlation between physical health and mental health. Our clients are encouraged to exercise daily, using a variety of equipment, such as, weights and circuit machines.  Swimming, tennis and boxing are also offered.

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