Teen Mental Health

What Diabulimia Looks Like

Eating disorders can be caused by a variety of reasons. In most cases, they stem from an obsession with body weight, food, or body shape. In these cases, the person with the eating disorder has some sort of altered reality about their situation or tries to overcompensate for that perceived shortcoming. Though most of us [...]

The Triggers Facing Today’s Teens

Today’s teens are under a lot of pressure. They are expected to get great grades, hold down part-time jobs, and take on extracurricular activities so that they can get accepted into a good college. Though these pressures have always existed and parents feel that they had the same experiences, with the proliferation of technology and [...]

LGBT Mental Health Statistics: What The Numbers Say

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to mental health problems, and when it comes to those who within the LGBT community, that vulnerability is even greater. LGBT mental health statistics make sobering reading and the numbers say volumes about our most vulnerable teenagers. Recent surveys have shown that those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender [...]

Substance-Induced Mood Disorders: What To Look For With Your Teen

Substance-induced mood disorders, as they imply, are mood disorders caused when someone either starts or stops taking a particular substance. These disorders impact the way that you think, feel, or act, and the mood change can last for days or as long as several weeks. Prescription medications and illegal drugs can result in depression, an [...]

Autism and Teens: How Can Therapy Help?

In recent years, there has been much media coverage regarding the rise of autism in young children. Though a specific cause has not yet been discovered, a variety of theories have run rampant (though they have all been disproven). For quite some time, it was believed that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine was a [...]

Trauma Trouble: Warning Signs

If a young person has a particularly intense experience which harms or threatens their physical or emotional well-being, they may develop trauma. When adolescents suffer from trauma, this can have a major impact on their life. Not only can it impact on their daily life, but it can also affect their social skills. This, of [...]

What to Consider When Seeking Therapy for your Teen

It has to be hard to be a teenager these days. While we all were teenagers at one point in our lives, it is most likely that we remember all of the good times. We remember prom, barbeques with our friends, late study nights at the library, and graduation, among many other things. We probably [...]

Social Anxiety and School: 7 Survival Steps

Social anxiety, sometimes known as social phobia, can be very difficult to cope with at any time in life and requires careful management. However, for young people who are still in school, it can be especially hard to handle as the isolating nature of the disorder. Social anxiety is an overwhelming and long-lasting fear of [...]

Summer Mental Health Care For Your Teen

With summertime comes time at the beach, fun in the sun, and hanging out with friends. But for teenagers struggling with mental health issues, especially those who avoid social settings, it can mean a summer spent in front of an electronic device, sleeping far more than what is healthy, and other poor behaviors. For many [...]

A Worrying Rise in Teen Depression 

Today’s teenagers are subject to many pressures that we as parents, will never understand. The teen years are difficult regardless of when you grew up, but teens now experience far more pressure to succeed academically and feel pressured by parents to do more, and be more. Aside from that, the increasing presence of technology in [...]

5 Good Mental Health Apps For Your Teen

Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are on the rise amongst teenagers, and finding ways to help young people to overcome the challenges that those conditions raise and improve their emotional well-being is an ongoing concern amongst clinicians and parents alike. While there is no real substitute for professional counseling or therapy for mental [...]

Road To Healing: What Does Mental Health Recovery Look Like?

Mental health recovery isn’t just about getting better, it’s about achieving a satisfying and full life. Lots of people who are in recovery agree that the journey isn’t a steady or straight road, but instead, one with setbacks and discoveries. Although it may seem difficult at first, after time has passed, it’s possible to see [...]

How Does Mental Illness Affect Teenagers?

The teenage years should be the best time in a child’s life. Sleeping late and hanging out with friends is what this time is all about. However, mental illness is becoming more prevalent amongst the younger age group, and it’s affecting their quality of life. The increased pressure to fit in and get good grades, [...]

Teen Treatment Center – The Benefits For Your Family

Teen Treatment Centers Benefit The Entire Family Unit Children certainly don’t come with a manual. By the time a child reaches their teenage years, they have probably already experienced a number of things that children of the past hadn't.  The generation of today faces challenges that most parents didn’t have when they were in school. [...]

Supporting Your Teen’s Mental Health as a Parent

Ways to Nurture Your Teen's Mental Health Mental health is something that can be very difficult to deal with when your teen is growing up. Many parents may feel like the mental issues that their teens are going through are simply just teenage outbursts. It can be difficult to delineate between outbursts and mental health [...]

Is Your Teen Struggling with Mental Health Disorder? 7 Danger Signs to Look For

Quite often, mental health disorder in teens may be dismissed as the typical stages, phases, and attitudes that such individuals experience as they progress through adolescence.  According to 2017 data supplied by Mental Health America, more than 11 percent of American youths ages 12 to 17 experienced at least one major depressive episode. Like other [...]

The Real Face of Bullies and How to Deal With Them

Facing Bullies: Deal with the Problem by Confronting Tolerating bullies on a regular basis can take a serious toll on someone's mental health. Teens are often especially sensitive to being mistreated. Name-calling, manipulation or even physical abuse are just some of the ways your child may be suffering. Bullies are cruel, dominating and persistent. They [...]