Teen Addiction

Fighting Food Addiction During The School Year     

Human beings love to eat. At pretty much every single stage of human development, people can’t get enough of snacking on sweet or salty products throughout their day. As young adults in school and in the workplace, it can be hard to find a balance between eating responsibly and overeating. While, for the most part, [...]

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What Food Addiction Looks Like In Teens

Food addiction occurs when a person feels a pressing need to eat, so much to the point that the need becomes out of control. This compulsivity is often a response to certain feelings or emotions that cause stress, anger, or sadness. Though food is a requirement for human survival, food addiction takes place when someone [...]

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The Truth About Video Game Addiction

It is estimated that almost 70% of Americans enjoy playing video games. And 90% of those take their gaming devices with them wherever they go, meaning that they play games not only on a gaming platform but on their smartphones too. Though video gaming has many benefits and can be fun for many, there is [...]

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MDMA Addiction and Your Teen

Many people have never heard of MDMA (short for methylenedioxymethamphetamine). On the flip side, most have heard of ecstasy. Otherwise known as the love pill or the club drug, ecstasy heightens perceptions of sound and color and is also known to increase the physical sensation of touch, especially during physical intercourse. Ecstasy contains hallucinogens, which [...]

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Teen Alcohol Abuse: 5 Stressful Signs

Teen alcohol abuse has become a tragic element of our society’s evolution and a very real threat to the safety of teenagers in the United States. Teens today are drinking just as much, if not more than, the generations prior. In fact, a majority of teens will have tried alcohol at least once before they [...]

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Is Your Teen Dealing with Nomophobia?

Nomophobia a recently named phobia that can affect everyone in this digitally dependent age, but is a greater threat to teen development. Think about how much we all use our cell phones. We can probably all attest to the fact that if we are a smartphone user, the device has somehow become an extension of [...]

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A Teen’s Brain: Warning Signs Every Parent Must Know

Figuring Out What's Going On in a Teen's Brain Teenagers are sometimes challenging to bring up. If you are a parent of a teenage daughter or son, you might have experienced frequent mood changes, estrangement from you, and changing hobbies and other interests. Many parents have a hard time deciding which of their teen’s behaviors [...]

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Barbiturate Abuse and its Impact on Teenagers

The thought of your teen abusing barbiturates can be traumatizing. Sadly, the rate at which teens are abusing drugs, barbiturates included is increasing each day. With increasing technology and exposure, teenagers can access drugs easily via the internet. But, what are barbiturates? Barbiturates are depressants that produce a relaxing effect on the body when used. [...]

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Teenage Vaping – Should We Do More to Stop It

Teen Vaping: How Common Is It and Should We Be Concerned? For the past few years, teenage cigarette usage was at an all-time low. Thanks to plenty of informative public health warnings, most teens knew that the risks of using cigarettes far outweighed the benefits. Though cigarette usage might be down, more and more teens [...]

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OMG – My Kid is Addicted to Their Phone

OMG - My Kid is Addicted to Their Phone It isn’t uncommon for parents of teens to hear the saying that raising kids is one of the most challenging jobs they’ll ever have. The reason for this is because we never know for sure what they’re thinking, what they’ll do next, or how they’ll react [...]

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