Evidence-Based Therapy Interventions

You may be familiar with the term “evidence-based therapy”, but what does that mean exactly? The word “therapy” is used to describe a teen treatment intended to alleviate or cure any type of sickness or disorder. For example, chemotherapy is a drug treatment used to kill cancer cells that grow and divide rapidly in the [...]

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Picky Eating and Parenting

Picky eating is something that most parents are familiar with. If you’ve ever sat at the dinner table trying to coax their toddler to eat just one piece of broccoli, or trying to blackmail their teenager to eat their vegetables before they escape to play video games, you’ll know the problem all-too-well. Many children go [...]

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Invisible Illness and Mental Health Stigma

When you think of someone who is ill, what do you picture? You might think of someone who is coughing, sneezing or feverish. They might have a greenish hue or flushed appearance; a stuffy nose…or they may use a mobility aid, such as a wheelchair or cane. In reality, however. this picture only encompasses one [...]

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What You Should Know About Treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a rather complicated psychological condition. In addition to dissociative amnesia and depersonalization-derealization disorder, it’s one of the three major dissociative disorders. Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder is a condition that is thought to have many different potential sources of causation. This could include, among others severe trauma [...]

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Protective Factors and Mental Health

If two children experience the same traumatic event, it is likely their response to the event will vary. This variation depends on the risk factors and protective factors present in their lives. For instance, if a teen were to experience or be exposed to violent or abusive event that was traumatic for them, not having [...]

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Your Rebellious Teen & Mental Health

Teenagers come in all shapes and sizes and so does their behavior. Some teens never seem to get in trouble and are always the go-to person when an example of good behavior needs to be set. Other teens seem to the ones who push the behavior envelope to the point of being unruly and rebellious. [...]

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The BPD Relationship Cycle

ƒRelationships can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. When a relationship is new, it is often full of hope and anticipation about the future. What will the coming days, weeks, and months bring? Is this “the one”? Often, images of the future full your mind, and optimism and excitement run wild. Sometimes a [...]

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What Is the Difference Between ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

At some point, when they are young, most children will act up and have trouble behaving, focusing, and paying attention in general. This is especially true for children in preschool and elementary school as they begin to experience the day to day distractions if interacting with friends and all of the other stimuli associated with [...]

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Insight Oriented Therapy

There are many different types of therapies that can be utilized where mental health needs are concerned. Each falls into different categories of therapy and uses varying techniques to reach their end goal-a healthy state of being for the individual seeking help. Many therapies fall under umbrella titles, and some are better known by one [...]

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Subtle Signs of Self-Harm

Self-harm is most simply defined as when somebody intentionally damages or injures their body through various means. Yes, there are other types of destructive self-harm which can include a wide variety of emotional destructive behaviors however, the most common type of self-harm recognized by parents, teachers and the medical community is physical self-harm. Generally, self-harm [...]

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What is Trauma Based Therapy?

Therapy offers a confidential and safe place for a person to talk to a professional about their thoughts, experiences, problems, or feelings. People who visit therapists may have experienced a situation that distrusts or impacts their thinking, feelings, or capacity to relate to others. An individual may likewise seek out therapy because they need a [...]

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How Divorce May Affect Your Teenager

Divorce could be a challenging time for a family. Not only do the parents realize new ways of relating to each other, however, but they’re also learning new means to parent their kids. When parents separate, the impacts of divorce on kids, especially teenagers, can vary. Some teenagers react to divorce in an understanding and [...]

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Anger Issues: A Warning Sign?

Feelings of violence or anger acting out can be identified with various hidden challenges, including anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. Many people can have underlying challenges with shallow confidence, as well as issues with mistrust. Some people may likewise have a history marked by past sexual, physical, or psychological abuse. There might [...]


Brief Psychotic Disorder: What You Need To Know

Brief psychotic disorder is described as an impaired relationship with reality. It is a symptom of severe mental disorders. Adults or teens who are experiencing this disorder may experience either delusions or hallucinations. Hallucinations are tactile experiences that happen when a real stimulus is absent. For instance, an individual having an auditory hallucination may hear [...]

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How Social Media Addiction Hurts Our Teens

It seems like the internet just came suddenly and made a huge difference, including adolescence. Regardless of whether this change has been for the good or bad depends on how you see it. Teenagers today are the first generations that can’t imagine existence without the internet and the different gadgets that connect us to it. [...]

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Teen Substance Abuse: How to Have Tough Conversations

Teenage-hood is a tricky period. Teens are just starting to establish their identities, and this means typically challenging the limits of parental controls. Concerning alcohol and drugs, pushing the boundaries can lead to risky territory. Setting clear rules regarding substance use helps give teenagers the structure needed to stay safe. Let us be realistic: You [...]

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Take a Chance on Residential Treatment

There are a lot of misconceptions and unwarranted fears that tend to arise when someone says the words residential treatment center. What is residential treatment? How is residential treatment different than inpatient treatment? What do residential treatment centers treat? It is not uncommon for people to relate residential treatment with institutionalization. However, these are two [...]