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How to Talk with Your Teen About Their OCD

The teenage years are difficult. It does not matter if you are the most neurotypical, healthy teenager with plenty of friends. These years are still difficult. They are full of developmental milestones, learning consequences, identifying who you are, and learning to establish healthy relationships. You do all of this while balancing school and deciding what [...]

Cyberbullying: How To Help A Friend

Cyberbullying is the experience of being bullied over a technology device such as cell phones, computers, tablets, social media, forums, and gaming. It is unfortunately occurring at a rate that is steadily increasing and very high. Federally collected data from 2017 shows that 15% of school aged children 12-18 have experienced bullying by text message. [...]


The First Step of the Road to Recovery

Recovery means something different to every person. Most of us are in recovery from something. Recovery from the end of relationships, from substance use, from an addiction to eating or shopping, or really any struggle that has impacted life in difficult ways. As a teenager I needed help find recovery from the struggles that high [...]

What A Substance-Induced Disorder Looks Like

Mood disorders are very common mental health diagnoses. Experiencing a mood disorder can be characterized by a distortion in mood that makes functioning difficult. A person may be very sad, depression, happy, angry, and may struggle to maintain a mood state. At any age, people who experience mood disorders may be more likely to engage [...]

Talking About Sexual Addiction With Your Teen

Today’s teenagers face a multitude of pressures, among which include the need for good grades and the ability to get into a good college. But aside from academics, teens also experience several pressures that can be quite worrisome for parents, including pressures to try drugs or to have sex. With both drugs and sex, once [...]

How Addiction Shapes Teen Growth

Though it seems that teen drug use as it pertains to cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines is stable, if not on the decline, drug use and abuse is still prevalent. Whether it be alcohol abuse, prescription medication misuse and abuse, and one of the more common behaviors that we are seeing, vaping, teens today are still [...]

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Healthy Coping Mechanisms Through Therapy

In your everyday life, you probably have no reason to even talk about “coping mechanisms” on a regular basis. However, if you or a loved one were to be faced with a mental health issue of some kind, I would be willing to bet that you may hear and use these words often. First and [...]

Fall Season Social Anxiety

As we enter into the fall season, households across America start packing up their summer wear. And, they start pulling out fall clothing and warm blankets, and switching the thermostat from air conditioning to heating. For many Americans, however, fall means an emotional change as well. In fact, the fall season is well known for [...]


What Diabulimia Looks Like

Eating disorders can be caused by a variety of reasons. In most cases, they stem from an obsession with body weight, food, or body shape. In these cases, the person with the eating disorder has some sort of altered reality about their situation or tries to overcompensate for that perceived shortcoming. Though most of us [...]

Fighting Food Addiction During The School Year     

Human beings love to eat. At pretty much every single stage of human development, people can’t get enough of snacking on sweet or salty products throughout their day. As young adults in school and in the workplace, it can be hard to find a balance between eating responsibly and overeating. While, for the most part, [...]

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What Food Addiction Looks Like In Teens

Food addiction occurs when a person feels a pressing need to eat, so much to the point that the need becomes out of control. This compulsivity is often a response to certain feelings or emotions that cause stress, anger, or sadness. Though food is a requirement for human survival, food addiction takes place when someone [...]

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The Triggers Facing Today’s Teens

Today’s teens are under a lot of pressure. They are expected to get great grades, hold down part-time jobs, and take on extracurricular activities so that they can get accepted into a good college. Though these pressures have always existed and parents feel that they had the same experiences, with the proliferation of technology and [...]